What Is A Methodist?

A Methodist is a Christian and member of the universal Church. They confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and accept the calling to serve Him in the life of the Church and the world.

Methodists believe that:

All need to be saved
All may be saved
All may know themselves saved.

Methodists try to reflect in their lives the love that God wishes to share with all people. In worship Methodists give thanks to God who loves us and has set us in this world of possibilities. They give thanks for one another. They pray that God will continue to sustain and enable everyone to live fulfilled lives. Methodist worship is characterised by a lively tradition of hymn singing and a passionate regard for preaching the love and justice of the gospel of Jesus.

The priority of Methodists is to tell people about Good News of Jesus and invite them to faith and to Christian Discipleship. They also embrace care for individuals and communities; involvement in education and development for all, being alongside the poor, caring for the earth and getting to know other cultures and faiths.